I am so sick of staring at ripe bananas.  Sometimes I peel and freeze them, and sometimes I just (yes, I admit it) throw them away.  I totally feel guilty when I toss ’em, so today I opted to make banana bread and try out my new Wilton Petite Loaf Pan.  My favorite recipe is from Better Homes and Gardens.  I just love the streusel topping, but this time I forgot left out the nuts.

Loved the “petite” pan!  It made 9 yummy little loaves, which you could easily slice-and-share or (my recommendation) eat as a single serving!

The next time those ripe bananas beg for my attention, I’ll turn them into the dreamiest banana cream pie.

And there won’t be anything petite about it!


0 thoughts on “Petite Banana Bread

  1. Jen says:

    I MISS YOU and the SMELL of YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! Nick seems to love kindergarten and is singing nonstop! Yes, singing! His teacher and music teacher have been teaching way too many songs and he just loves these little ditties!!!! Those banana breads look scrumptious! Michelle told me about the eggplant balls and I was soooooooo jealous!!!!! You are on my mind and I am hoping to stop by soon! Mornings are hard because kids don’t get bus until 8:10am!!!!!!! UGH! It is sooo late! Maybe I can have my dad get the kids and bring them to me and we can stop by after school for a quick dose of Miss Annie!!!!!! Miss you very much and hope all is well. Love – Jen

    • Ann says:

      You really do need to stop by!! Preferably, with “Singing Nick” and “Gorgeous Mia”. Next time I bake or cook up something good, I’ll send it along to you via Michelle. Thanks for your kindness and compliments. Miss you, too…mornings will never be the same 😉