Move over York.  I’ve found me a new peppermint patty, and it is DE-licious!

Easy to make, too.  My inspiration was from sweetapolita, who was inspired by Joy of Baking, who was inspired by who knows.  And who cares.  These are fun and easy, and make a great new addition to my holiday baking (although, there is no baking required).

The recipe makes approx. 20 large patties, but I made them a bit smaller with a 1″ cookie scoop, which yielded 48.

In the interest of quality control, I tested and tasted 8 of them.  At one sitting.

It isn’t always easy being me.


0 thoughts on “Homemade Peppermint Patties

  1. Jen says:

    OMG! They look so COOL and Refreshing!!!!!! Love those!!!!!! Soooooo miss you! I have to stalk you online to get my fill of Miss Annie! I’m gonna stop by in a couple of Tuesdays before school to say hello! 🙂

    • Ann says:

      They are good, Jen! AND…there’s at LEAST one with your name on it, just waiting for you to come by and grab it. Miss you too…OH so much!