Thought I’d share these sweet holiday mittens that I knitted as a gift for a special little someone.

I found the pattern in a vintage knitting book called Jack Frost Two Needle Mittens, Volume 56.  (Believe it or not, you can google this title and locate it on the internet.)  However, thumbless mitten patterns for babies are very easy to find, especially on Ravelry.  These were knitted in a worsted weight yarn, and there is a simple eyelet stitch worked around the wrist which allows you to to weave the ties through.

They were definitely a quick knit, but those pom-poms took a bit of doing.  Well worth the effort, though, ’cause I think they’re adorable.

Hope your holiday season is going smoothly and you’re not nearly as frazzled as I am.  I may need a small miracle 😉


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