This recipe has been around forever, but I haven’t whipped up a batch in quite a long time.  I made them by “special request” for my son’s birthday, and they disappeared quicker than a bowl of peanut m & m’s.  There is something about that soft, cream-cheesy, chocolate-chippy center that makes these cupcakes positively addictive and forces you to eat them in pairs.

The recipe calls for 6 oz. of chocolate chips…I used mini chips.  A cookie scoop helped me evenly distribute the cream cheese mixture, but a tablespoon would work just fine.

The yield was 18 moist and delectable cupcakes.

If you haven’t made them in a while, and have forgotten just how scrumptious that devil-dog chocolate can be, whip up a batch and enjoy this tried-and-true family favorite!

Sooooo good.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes

  1. Jen says:

    I sooo miss you and your treats! This looks like a real good one! I’m gonna have to make these and try not to eat them all myself! We need to catch up soon!

    • Ann says:

      There’s always a treat here waiting for you, Jen! I’d love to see you and those beautiful children soon…let’s pick a date 😉

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