I needed a quick and easy treat to bring to a birthday party tonight, so…ta-dah!  Bite size mini pretzels dipped in chocolate and colorful sprinkles are the perfect take-along, and taste great too.

You start with:

dark chocolate and Wilton Candy Melts.  The dark chocolate here is from Trader Joe’s.  It is their brand name and it comes in a 17.6 oz. block.  The red package states that it is “Imported from Belgium” and is 72% dark chocolate.  I broke off 10 little squares, mixed them with a teaspoon (+/-) of Crisco shortening, and melted them in the microwave.  I always add a bit of shortening to chocolate when I am melting it because it makes it more fluid and adds a bit of shine.

Immediately after dipping each pretzel into the chocolate, I crown it with yummy sprinkles:

I actually pour the sprinkles into smaller bowls (like the center one) and dip from there.  Some of the pretzels were dipped into the dark chocolate and, when the chocolate was dry enough, I drizzled with them with melted candy melts.

With so many colorful melts and glorious sprinkles to choose from, you’re sure to have some fun with these!


Note:  It is important to scrape the sides of the chocolate bowls with any broken pretzel pieces, dip them into the remaining sugars and sprinkles, and eat them while no one is looking.  (makes clean-up aLOT easier)

Another note:  Pretzel rods work well, too!

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