Black Cherry Chip Meringue Cookies


I really ate way too many Christmas cookies.  Way, WAY too many.  (Popped them into my mouth like mini-m&m’s, and now there are clothes that don’t fit.)  Since I’m still craving a cookie fix, I thought I’d try a lighter alternative as Step 1 in my 12-step “Lay off all those sweets” program.

I found these pretty meringue cookies at, a free site loaded with tips, recipes, advice, trackers, etc. designed to help motivate and promote healthy living.  Their recipe was titled “Raspberry Meringue Cookies”, but I substituted black cherry jello for the raspberry.  Since I had been unsuccessful with meringue cookies in the past, with gooey, uncooked centers, I decided to extend the baking time to 28 minutes.  After I turned off the heat, instead of 20 minutes, I left them in the oven for about 2 hours.  The result:

IMG_4588 a crispy, lofty center.  Yum!

I piped them onto parchment paper with a Wilton 4B tip which, honestly, was probably not the best choice.  The chips tended to bunch up and jam the tip, so I had to move things around with a toothpick.  You can drop by simple teaspoonfuls, but I think I’ll search around for a jumbo star tip to add to my stash.

These cookies are only 20.7 calories each and they are sweet enough to satisfy those I-can-eat-sugar-from-the-sugar-bowl cravings.  If I can eat them in moderation, I’ll be in good shape because 20.7 + 20.7 + 20.7+…can only come to no good.


4 thoughts on “Black Cherry Chip Meringue Cookies

  1. Welcome to the world of meringue cookie lovers! I added a little espresso coffee powder and minichips to the meringues on the Christmas cookie tray, but I’ve never added a fruit flavor. I might have to break my resolution NOT to bake another cookie until the leftover Christmas cookies in the freezer were eaten…but raspberry and chocolate?..yum..and red cookies would be great on a Valentine’s Day tray.

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