Tiara is my new, not-so-little, canine niece:


A gorgeous English Mastiff pup, Tiara is the newest member of my sister’s family.  After the recent loss of their beloved Chocolate Lab, Truffles, Nancy’s family banded together and chose to share their home and their love with sweet Tiara.  Soooooooo cute!!

I chose to welcome her into the family by stitching her a custom collar and leash…and, let’s face it, every princess pup needs a little cheetah in her wardrobe:


and the look would not be complete without the matching leash (how would she ever go out in public??):


I found the hardware supplies here, and the instructions to complete the collar and leash were included.

At only 10-weeks old, she’s already a talented model:


This was such a fun, fast and easy project!  I used a fabric remnant from my 1,000-yard stash and, since the collar and leash use so little fabric (about 1/3 yard total), Tiara will soon have a wardrobe collection that will be the envy of all the girls in her neighborhood!

Welcome to the family, you great big beautiful dog!!


8 thoughts on “Tiara’s New Accessories: Cheetah Leash and Collar

  1. Joanne says:

    Dear Auntie Annie,
    Keep sewing for beautiful Tiara! I will be checking your website for additional photos of our girl.

  2. Carol says:

    Love this Ann! I had no idea that these could be hand-made. Love the design on that beautiful pup!

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