IMG_7745I’ve pretty much steered clear of the cake pop craze, mostly because of all the fussy work that cake pops require.  I know that there are electric cake pop makers and special two-part pans to help make the job easier, but they weren’t enough to lure me.

Then…a friend told me about using already-made donut holes for the job, which seemed like a GREAT idea.  I bought a box of Entenmann’s Glazed Pop’ems, some lollipop sticks and a bag of Wilton white chocolate candy melts, and I was off and running.  Before inserting the stick into the pop-em, I dipped it into the melted chocolate to help secure it.  Next, holding the stick, I dipped the donut hole into the chocolate, rolled it in sprinkles, and then stuck it into a piece of styrofoam so that it would dry upright.

After the chocolate dried, I added some royal icing decorations, sprinkled some white disco dust on each one, and tied a ribbon bow at the base:

IMG_7754For the presentation:

I spray painted a small, tin pail white.  I filled the pail with large styrofoam pieces (some had to be cut to fit) and then arranged the cake pops.  To cover the styrofoam, I used a dab of hot glue on 4″ doilies and stuck them in between the pops.  I decorated the outside of the pail with two 5″ paper crowns that I cut with the Cricut, from the “Home Decor” cartridge.


If you’re going to make cake pops, and you don’t want all that fuss, give this a try.  They taste really good and you can get them done in a jiffy.  Just be careful, though…left on the kitchen table, those pop’ems can mysteriously disappear. (especially when there is no-one home but you)


4 thoughts on “Cake Pops (the VERY easy way)

  1. Me says:

    Hey Sis! You never cease to amaze me! How totally adorable and what a great speedy tip! I am actually going to try it becuase I have bought several cake pop kits and every time I read the directions, I place it back in the box and close the drawer. There are 2 little boys I am going to surprise……. can you guess who????
    Love you!
    Me ; )

    • Ann says:

      I think those two little boys would totally LOVE these!! I hear that Dunkin’ Munchkins would work well too…probably the cake-y ones.

      Note: If cake pop kits show up at this year’s Christmas grab bag, you’ll get them right back…(just sayin’)

      Love you too <3

    • Ann says:

      Those cheesecake pops were tempting to make but, after your experience, I think I’ll stick with the less fussy whole cheesecake! I’m glad you gave them a try 😉

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