IMG_8003I currently have in my possession 38 balls of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn.  You know how it goes…(or maybe you don’t)….you buy a few colors here and there, you do nothing with them….you buy a few more….again, do nothing…buy buy more more…and before you know it, you’ve got enough cotton yarn to crochet a circus tent.

I purchased a book by Annie’s Attic called “Big Book of Dischloths, Pot Holders & Scrubbies“.  It’s a great book with lots of patterns to choose from, and this one is called “Circle Pot Holder”.


I liked it so well, that I just kept going,


and now I have a collection:


This potholder is made in two parts, front and back, and then they’re crocheted together.  Here’s the back:

IMG_8024The pattern says the diameter is 6 1/2″, but mine worked out to be 6″.  I love that they are thick enough to protect your hands, but they fold easily around a hot handle.  Since you can make one in under two hours, it’s a great “watch-a-movie, eat-popcorn, use-up-stash” project.

Note to self:  Do NOT* buy another ball of this yarn.


*I mean it.

9 thoughts on “Crocheted Pot Holders

  1. Teresa says:

    Very nice, and I can see you have a good selection of colors, but really … swearing off acquiring new balls of cotton? You? Just think of putting a couple of pot holders together with a nice little 13 qt. Le Creuset dutch oven for Christmas. In red.

  2. DianeM says:

    Ooooo, such pretty potholders <3 I went through a dishcloth knitting phase even though I use sponges ;P So now with my huge bag of leftovers I am knitting a twin sized bedspread which I call a 'camp' blanket because it's just a hodgepodge of the random colors….of course, I've HAD to buy more balls of cotton so I have enough variety – it NEVER ends!
    Smiles, DianeM

    • Ann says:

      I guess that “dishcloth knitting phase” was contagious because I have at least a dozen sitting in a box, waiting for me to give up my own sponge habit 😉 And…it was the “need” to make dishcloths that led to my Sugar ‘n Cream stockpile! A “camp” blanket sounds like the perfect solution. Thanks for the giggle!!

  3. bestofcrochet says:

    Such adorable colors you’ve picked. No wonder you bought this yarn! Recently I keep finding awesome mohair yarn, which I keep buying with no particular plan in mind. I think I will one day need to dedicate a separate room for yarns and fabrics.

    • Ann says:

      Ooooooh…I have a quite a bit of mohair in my stash, too, and no plans for it at all. (But, of course, I HAD to have it) A separate room sounds awesome. I may just have to consider that for myself!

      Glad you liked the potholders, and thanks for supporting my ginormous stash 😉


  4. Suzanne says:

    If you crochet a circus tent I hope you will share the pattern!! Just kidding but I was glad to know that others do the same as I. Ihave even gone to the store for something, passed by the yarn aisles on the way, gotten totally diverted, and come home with a trunk full of gorgeous yarn but have forgotten to get what I originally set out for. Yours did make pretty policyholders though.

      • Ann says:

        Oh Suzanne, I’m laughing out loud about the auto correct. I have been burned time and time again with that little enhancement!

        In any case, I’m glad you like the policyholders and thanks for sharing your yarn story. It’s always nice to know I’m in good company 😉


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