Sweet Newborn Crocheted Hat and Cardigan


Before anyone gets too excited…. Yes.  My son married a wonderful woman this past May, but this set was not crocheted with them in mind.  Instead, there is another happy couple expecting their second daughter next month, who I am hoping will wear this sweet little hat and sweater when she heads home with her family.

The pattern, found on Ravelry, is called Aunt Jen’s Sweater and is a super-quick and easy project.  I followed one of the modifications and added a picot edge to the bottom.  The yarn was Paton’s Grace, 100% mercerized cotton, in Blush.  Since the pattern creates a rather tiny sweater, I went up a size to fit a newborn.  The size can easily be adjusted with heavier yarn and/or a larger hook.  The folks at Ravelry offer many suggestions and lots of good advice.

If you need a gift in a hurry, Aunt Jen’s Sweater is a great choice!


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