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The Black and White Cookie: A New York experience

Nothing screams “New York City” louder than a black-and-white cookie, so why is it so hard to find the perfect recipe??  I have done extensive internet research, asked culinary school graduates, and I even attempted to interrogate a deli-clerk about the secret icing (until her boss came flying out of the back room with fire […]

Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Marathon – ’10

Includes recipes for Mocha Cookies, Frosted Cranberry Drop Cookies, Gianduja Bells, Cashew Brittle, Mandelhoernchen, Cranberry, White Chocolate, Pistachio Biscotti, Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints, Italian Christmas Cookies, Molasses Sugar Cookies, Spritz

Christmas Cookies – Snowflake Cutouts II

The truth?  These cookies are lots of work, but they are totally worth the effort!!  For me, it was a two-day event.  I cut and baked the cookies on one day, and frosted and decorated them the next. I used the No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe (minus one teaspoon of baking powder) and my favorite […]

Merry Mitten Cutout Cookies

The cookie baking blitz is on, so I decided to roll some dough and start with the cut-outs!  Since there’s a bit of winter in the air, and I’ve been wearing my new hand-knitted mittens (thank you, Teresa :), I thought merry mittens would be the perfect choice. I used this No Fail Sugar Cookie […]

“Party Perfect” Cookie Tray – the presentation

Includes recipes and recipe links for Chocolate Almond Macaroons, Sugar Crusted Snowballs, Jam Sticks, Chocolate-Espresso Shortbread Wedges, Double Coconut Biscotti, Italian Iced Cookies, Chocolate Biscotti, Turtle Bars, Peanut Butter Munchies, Chocolate Espresso Balls, Jan Hagels, Butter Cookies, Pignoli Cookies, Florentine Cookie Bars

“Party Perfect” Cookie Tray – Pignoli Cookies, Butter Cookies & Double Coconut Biscotti

Pignoli cookies are delicious and impressive, so a “party perfect” cookie tray just wouldn’t be complete without them!  I have used the Epicurious recipe for years, and I always get great results.  The posted recipe calls for canned almond paste, but I buy almond paste by the pound at a local Italian deli. This is […]

The “Party Perfect” Cookie Tray – Chocolate Almond Macaroons

No doubt about it.  Of all the treats I love to bake, cookies are my #1 favorite!  So, when I volunteer to bring along a tray of cookies, I think about whether I’ll bake the tried-and-true standards (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, giant ginger cookies, white chip macadamia, etc.), or the pretty little butter cookies that […]

A Big Brunch Party, Part 1: Dessert First! Almond, Chocolate, & Orange Cookies

You may now call me “little auntie a”. I am so thrilled — my best friend Khalil and his husband Scott have adopted a little baby girl! This weekend, we had a Baby Naming ceremony for her (they wrapped her up in the chuppah I made for their wedding!), and, because it’s the best way […]

Frosted Pumpkin Cookies

The nip of fall in the air today brought to mind these delectable cookies!  A quick scan of the pantry to check for some canned pumpkin (yep!) and, before long…… These cookies are soft, fluffy and cake-like, with a mild “pumpkin pie” flavor. FROSTED PUMPKIN COOKIES 1 cup sugar 1 egg (room temp.) 2 cups […]

Esther’s Mandelbrot

I’m fully aware that it was a little too hot outside today to crank up the oven, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to make some delicious mandelbrot.  The literal translation of mandelbrot is “almond bread”.  It is similar to biscotti in that it is twice-baked, but it is made using oil instead of butter. […]

Valentine’s Cookies – Lovin’ from the Oven

I thought that Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to say “thanks” to those special people who, without always knowing it, make some days a little brighter through their caring and kindness.  I’m thinking about the school bus driver who patiently waits for my daycare kindergartener as he makes an urgent trip to the […]

Yes, little a baked Christmas cookies too.

I’m not going to lie – baking doesn’t really appeal to me. I love baked goods. Love, love, LOVE to eat them. Look at those? How could you not love those cookies? And trust me – they taste just as good as they look. I should know. I ate enough of them in the past […]

Annual Christmas Cookie-Baking Marathon

Includes recipes for Snowflake cutouts, Butter Crisp spritz, Molasses sugar cookies, Italian Christmas Cookies, Nutella Sandwiches, Almond Macaroons, Cappucino Crinkles, Almond Drop, Cranberry, White Chocolate, Pistachio Biscotti, Almond Crescent Cookies, Apricot-Orange Shortbread Bars.