Like most moms, there’s almost nothing that my kids ask of me that I will not oblige.  I’ll help solve any problems, make frustrating phone calls, write  checks…whatever.  I’ll even risk breaking my hip in a fall while standing on a 2-foot spackle bucket atop a 6-foot step-ladder to hang wallpaper in a small Brooklyn apartment.  (It was fun, Alyssa.  Really.)

So, when Alyssa asked me to crochet these little birdies for an auction, was there any doubt?



Her dear friend, George, will auction this flock at The Berkshire Fringe’s 5th Annual Gala Celebration.

I truly hope someone will find them “bid worthy” and give them the perfect nest!  (Note: birdhouse not included.  And, yes, I am aware that there are patterns available for felted birdhouses, but I have no interest in making one.  Unless, of course, I am asked by you-know-who.)


3/11/11:  The original web page to which I linked the pattern for these birds is no longer in existence, so I’ve updated the link.  Just click on “little birdies” above and it will direct you to the pattern.

0 thoughts on “Buy Buy Birdie

  1. Carol says:

    Hey Big “A”…
    I got to see those little birdies in person and they are adorable! Is there no end to your talents??? I wish I had a fraction of the gift (and passion) you and your daughter share.

    Ah well, I must be content to look on in awe at your never ending gifts to the world…
    Your Envious Friend Carol

    PS: I still haven’t finished that scarf you got me started on 5 years ago (we’re talking basic knitting stitch people…)
    Some of us have it and some of us don’t!