My brother-in-law, Victor, is lovingly known in the family as “the big boy”.  This is truly a term of endearment, and has nothing to do with his actual size.  (well, almost nothing :o)  What kind of birthday cake is perfect for a big-boy celebration?  A great big cupcake…of course!

IMG_2925The Wilton giant cupcake pan is one of my all-time favorite purchases!  So whimsical and SO much fun!  The cake inside is Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge, and the filling is chocolate buttercream with mini chocolate chips mixed in.  I used my favorite buttercream frosting recipe, and I added 3 ozs. of melted chocolate chips and 3 tbsp. of Nestle’s Unsweetened Cocoa to 1 1/2 cups of frosting for the chocolate.  Here’s another version that I made for my niece, Nancy, on her birthday.  White cake; same frosting.


Here’s to you, BIG BOY!  Happy Birthday and happy eatin’!


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