Today was our first “snow day”!  School was closed and all my daycare children spent the day at home with their moms.  With Christmas only 16 days away, I wondered how best to spend this precious day off.  Write Christmas cards?  Wrap gifts?  Decorate the tree?  All VIP, but not nearly as important as baking Christmas cookies!  Cut-out cookies are time-consuming, but I just love the way a pretty snowflake glistens on the tray.

I used the “Butter Cookies” recipe in Creative Cookies by Toba Garrett.  It produces a tender, flavorful cookie, and the dough handles easily and can be rolled out immediately.  I frosted the cookies with Glace icing and decorated them with Royal icing…both recipes in the book.

To freeze frosted cookies, or not to freeze.  That is my dilemma.  I don’t think they’ll taste fresh if I leave them out, so off to the freezer!  I’ll let you know how it goes.



I did freeze these snowflake cookies, frosted and sprinkled.  When I removed them from the freezer, the white cookies were picture-perfect and defrosted beautifully.  The blue ones, however, looked dull and lost their luster.  For both colors, the royal icing and glitter sprinkles stayed intact.   Note to self:  do not tint the glace icing next year!


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