This past summer, I took advantage of a “Today’s Special” at HSN and purchased the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter.  They offered it as a bundle which included the cutting machine and several accompanying cartridges.  I will admit that when it arrived, I looked at it with a bit of wonder and confusion.  Why did I buy this?  And what will I do with it?  I’m really not a paper crafter.  Maybe I’ll give it a try before I return it.

Well, I guess I am a paper crafter.  This machine is a breeze to operate and, no kidding, the possibilities are limitless!  You simply pop in the cartridge, feed the paper, select an image, and presto.  There are well over 100 cartridges to choose from with every theme imaginable.  The one that I’ve used here is the Easter Seasonal Cartridge, and this is just a sampling.

The only real disadvantage (there’s always something) is that the cartridges are pricey.  They can range from $24.99 to $79.99, but I’ve been getting some great deals on Ebay.  I think that card stock paper works the best and, between Michael’s and JoAnn’s, there’s always a decent sale.

I am not the Cricut spokesperson, but if you have children, work with children, love scrapbooking, or enjoy making tags, greeting cards or seasonal decorations, you need one!  (and… little a recently discovered, you can use it for glass-etching images!)  Overall, worth the price of admission.  Now, if Cricut does need a spokesperson, have your girl call my girl.

And now…….I plead “temporary insanity”.  I was shopping at Michael’s when I spotted a Sugar’n Cream booklet called “Chicken Kitchen“, with this little egg cozy on the cover.  In a flash, I bought the booklet and four spools of cotton.  Why?  It must have been the cute factor.  After all, I don’t decorate my kitchen with chickens, and I rarely eat or serve eggs that need a “cozy”.  (Talk about impulsive.)

I have lots of cotton leftover, which I’ll probably use for Tawashi or discloths.  One of these chickens is certainly sufficient and, if I make another,  I’m afraid someone may nominate me for honorary membership in the “She’s-Got-Too-Much-Time-on-Her-Hands” club.  You know who you are. (t-e-r-e-s-a 🙂


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