When my niece celebrated a milestone birthday, I happily volunteered to bake the cake!  I wanted it to be as truly special as she is, so I decided to give rolled fondant a try.  Fondant-coated cakes are always so impressive!  I was seriously nervous about attempting this for the first time, but I found a recipe/tutorial for Marshmallow Fondant that made the process look relatively easy, and it resulted in a tasty coating.  Although fondant is beautiful to look at, I find it to be way too sweet, sometimes tasteless, and often inedible.  Not so with MMF…it’s still pretty sweet, but it’s relatively soft and has a mild vanilla taste.

The roses and leaves were made of buttercream, and the cake inside was one of my favorites from The Cake Doctor:  Bride’s Cake with Raspberry Filling.  I doubled the recipe and baked it in two Wilton 12-inch cake pans.  There was plenty of cake to easily feed twenty guests.

Trust me when I say it’s not as hard as it looks.  All you need is a little patience and a lot of time!  (and a few prayers here and there can’t hurt ;o)


0 thoughts on “You say it’s your birthday…

    • Ann says:

      Thanks for the many compliments! I’ll be more than happy to bake your next birthday cake :o)

  1. Carol says:

    Wow Ann…so beautiful and I’m sure it was delicious too! You never cease to amaze me with your talents!