When little a and I attended the Stitch N’ Pitch event at Citifield last month, I couldn’t take my eyes off of a beautiful, tall, willowy woman, with long, slender fingers, sitting a few seats away, who was very attentive to a small project that dangled from her knitting needles.  I carefully observed the way she carried her yarn, wrapping it repetitiously around her left index finger and releasing it as she went along.  Her movements were slow and methodical and, as she’d cast-off at the end, she’d toss this bitty thing aside, cast on, and repeat the process.  Since I’d probably spent more time watching her than my favorite baseball team, I knew I had to speak to her at the end of the game and ask exactly what she was making!

She was very approachable and, with a soft voice, she told me that it was a little cape that she knitted as a Christmas ornament.  It was so cute!  It didn’t take me long to begin my search for miniature knitted Christmas ornaments, and I was overwhelmed with the choices!  Sweaters, hats, stockings, mittens…so many variations.  I downloaded and printed the patterns, and here they are…

These two little sweaters are free patterns from Berroco, the Minutia collection (#12).  The yarns are from my stash, and they knit up pretty quickly.  The pattern was very easy to follow.

Same collection, this was pattern #6.

I found this sweet little stocking pattern on Ravelry.  It was easy to knit on two needles, and I just love it!

This miniature hat pattern was on Knitting Pattern Central.  It can be knit on circular or straight needles (I used straight).

Here’ another sweater from the Berroco collection, Minutia ’08, #3.

I am SO addicted to knitting these little ornaments that, truthfully, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.  If you’re a beginner knitter, don’t be afraid to give these a try.  For those crocheters, there are plenty of crochet patterns available too!

And..for those of you wondering…no, I never did find the little cape pattern.  But I thank that lovely lady for her welcoming smile and her wonderful inspiration, which I hope I have passed on to you!


By the way, Lovely Lady, if you happen to read this, I’d really LOVE to have that cape pattern!!

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  1. measuringspoons says:

    These seem like they’d be really cute as gifts for teachers at the holidays… passing on to my mom, who knits. 🙂