I had the extremely good fortune of vacationing in the capital region of Halifax, Nova Scotia, last week.  This city is incredibly charming, beautifully pristine, and offers a vast array of activities and festivities.

Shortly after we settled into our room, I hit the local directory in search of yarn shops.  There were several listed and one, The Loop, was within walking distance of the hotel.  I was anxious to discover local yarns and see what the latest trends were in this small Canadian province.  This was the chalkboard that lured me right inside!

This is Mimi Fautley, who greeted me as I came through the door and shared with me this stunning shawl that she designed using Shetland yarn from the Last Resort Farm in Malagash, Nova Scotia.  She calls it the Malagash Square Shawl and offers the pattern as a free download.  Mimi explained that this is a local yarn available seasonally and in limited supply.  The center square is knit in a light gray color, and the lacy edge is knit using a pale beige.  The yarn is surprisingly soft, and the design is flattering and easy to wear.

As much as I admired this lovely creation, I hesitated to make the purchase because I am experienced enough to recognize a “labor of love” when I see one!  Ultimately, I opted to buy the kit with the intention of creating an heirloom that would serve as a reminder of the sheer beauty that surrounded me.

I fumbled repeatedly, at first, because it starts out using double-pointed needles; a personal weakness for sure.  But once I got it going, I didn’t want to stop.

Thank you, Mimi, for your kindness and inspiration.  I look forward to sharing updated photos of my progress and, hopefully, one day, the completed shawl.  One day, in which year, is anyone’s guess!


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  1. Teresa says:

    Great find and well worth a 525+ mile trip…and we’ve been looking for new yarn shops. Can’t wait to see the finished shawl !