the big JC wasn’t the only one resurrected this Easter — little a is back, too!

hope everyone is enjoying the start of spring! with a tupperware full of Mom’s Easter cookies and a thrift-store find-of-the-century (an embroidered scene of The Last Supper), mine is off to a good start.

my contribution to the Easter dessert table this year was a ricotta cheesecake. this recipe, from The Sopranos Family Cookbook, combines the cool creaminess of the ricotta with a healthy dose of citrus flavor and doesn’t fuss with a crust. the result is a lighter, more refreshing dessert option than a traditional cheesecake; perfect for after my fifth slice of ham, third slice of grandma’s meat-and-cheese-filled pizza rustica, and fourth cookie.

if you don’t have this cookbook, you can borrow one of the ten copies of it i received the Christmas it came out, or you can find the recipe here. it tastes better cold, right-out-of-the-fridge the day after and/or if you eat it while watching The Sopranos, but, really, what italian dish doesn’t?


0 thoughts on “Ricotta Cheesecake

  1. Lisa Keys says:

    Welcome back little a. Love the recipe and got a real kick out of the flea market find. My mom had one of those JC last supper pictures in her dining room.