So…my note at the bottom of my original post was strictly intended as a message to my children.  Well, Laura, my son’s lovely girlfriend, read it and took it to heart.  This weekend, she came for a visit and presented me with (yes, you guessed it) the NordicWare Checkerboard Cake pan!  (maybe you heard me shriek with delight?)

To show my appreciation, and to honor Laura’s request, we baked up this delicious repeat.  What a huge difference in time and labor!  The kit comes with three 9″ aluminum cake pans, and THIS:

…an insert that sits atop the cake pan and allows you to pour perfect circles of alternating cake batter.  Magic.

Thank you, Laura, for your kindness and extreme thoughtfulness.  (not that you need them, but you’ve earned a million extra brownie points 😉


0 thoughts on “Chocolate Checkerboard Cake Update…or “Ask and ye shall receive.”

  1. Laura says:

    Beware of individuals who show up on your doorstep with gifts for you that are to be used to make desserts for them….

    Thank you for the lesson by a master dessert chef, the resulting cake, and all the great times in between! Looking forward to the next visit! 🙂

    • Ann says:

      I had way too much fun, Laura!

      And…whatever you do, DO NOT bring an Emile Henry Artisan Ruffled Pie dish (in Nougat) the next time you visit, and force me into making you a dutch apple pie. (Unless, of course, you use my son’s credit card)

      Thanks for the memory 🙂

    • Ann says:

      Mine came as a set with three pans and one insert, which you place in each pan before you fill it, and then you remove it. Since I didn’t have the set when I baked my first checkerboard cake, I filled a pastry bag and made alternating rings of cake batter. I explain it with photos here. It’s a bit messy this way, but you can still get great results.

      Good luck!