Beads + crochet = two of my favorite things, so when I saw this crochet necklace combo on Ravelry, I had to give it a try.  The detailed instructions are called “Infamous Beaded Necklace Tutorial”, by Devon Clement.  There are many creative interpretations found on the “projects” pages there which provide inspiration aplenty.

My beads were basically leftovers from other projects…freshwater pearls in various sizes, seed beads, and lots of sparkly crystal.  With all the required materials in place, it was time to hit the “go” button:

You begin simply by stringing the beads.  I used Valdani size 12 crochet cotton (color 118) and a Beadalon collapsible eye beading needle to string the beads onto the cotton.  The steel crochet hook is a Boye size 10.

After the beads are strung, you start the tiny crochet stitches that create the chain and secure the beads.  Check out the pattern tutorial for detailed directions and for finishing instructions.  If you’re not a member of Ravelry, there is this video on YouTube which explains the whole process.

The finished length is 18″.

What you see here is actually three separate strands of crocheted beads that are twisted together.

This project may look a bit more complicated than it really is, but it’s worth a try.  JoAnn’s and Michael’s have frequent sales on beading supplies, making this necklace very affordable too.

I think it’s a great holiday gift idea…because it’s never too early to start planning for December.


(note to friends and family:  raise your hand if you’d like one of these for Christmas)

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