Baby Sweaters: Boy or Girl?

There has been news of two new little ones that will be joining our family in October and December.  Yea!!  Since neither mom will know whether they’re having a boy or a girl, I thought I’d better get things started!

First up, I found this pattern (called Burnett) on Ravelry:

The yarn is Jeannee, from Plymouth Yarns.  It is a soft cotton/acrylic blend which is machine washable and dryable, making it perfect for babies.  It comes in solid colors, too, but I just couldn’t resist this blue variegated combo.

Next, another pattern from Ravelry:

This one is called Baby Picchu and I think it’s such a sweet, contemporary-style pattern.  The yarn is Schulana cotton-merino 90 and, since I’ve had it in my stash for a while, I’m not sure if it’s still available.  Any worsted weight yarn (cotton or other) would work up just as beautifully.

Here’s a matching hat:


Another pattern from (you guessed it) Ravelry.  It’s called the Lilly Hat, and it works up in a breeze.

I’m planning on knitting a couple of snowy white, unisex, baby sweaters soon because I can see that this “we don’t wanna know what it is” trend is here to stay.

Looking forward to happy surprises ahead!


4 thoughts on “Baby Sweaters: Boy or Girl?

  1. What a great stash you’re building for some very lucky babies! I’ve added the patterns to my Ravelry library, and discovered Picchu Picchu, the adult version of the baby girl sweater. Since I already have the button featured (from a button run we made years ago), I figure it’s a good way to use up the button stash, and I just need to shop for the yarn for the sweater. I miss you…

    PS Is the white yarn coming from the WEBs adventure?

    • ooooooohhhh, how did I ever miss Picchu-Picchu in the adult version? I just love that sweater pattern and I’ll be perusing my stash to-DAY to find the perfect yarn for it. I do not have the button for it…yet.

      I thought I’d pick up white yarn on our next WEBs adventure together! (hopefully, very soon)

      Missing you, too. It’s awful.

    • Thank you, my dear Sarah! I look forward to the day when it’s your turn. (NO pressure…just sayin’)
      Much love, AA

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