Mini Chip Scones with Vanilla Drizzle Glaze

Scones can sometimes be dry, hard and crumbly, but these scones are incredibly light, moist and delicious!  It’s a good, basic recipe by Alton Brown that I found here.  You can pretty much add whatever you like to it, such as dried fruits, nuts or, as I did, two handfuls of mini chocolate chips.  I added the thin vanilla glaze* after they had cooled.

The recipe directs you to roll out the dough and cut into biscuit sized rounds.  I used this pan, instead:

the Nordic Mini-Scone Pan.  After a quick spray with Pam, I pressed the dough into each little triangle (there was enough dough for 14 scones).

Off to the oven and, 15 minutes later:

mmm….lightly golden, tasty scones.  You can enjoy them just like this, or add a thin drizzle of vanilla glaze.

They’re pretty easy to make, and they’re just the right size to go along with that afternoon pick-me-up cup of coffee or tea!


*I cut this recipe in half.

7 thoughts on “Mini Chip Scones with Vanilla Drizzle Glaze

    • With some quick mixing and a hot oven, you can probably be in trouble in 25 minutes.

      On your mark, get set….

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