It looks pretty tasty.  Right?  Nice texture.  Creamy.  Well, this slice of ricotta cheesecake proves the point that looks can be deceiving.  VERY deceiving.

I served this as a dessert to my Bunco group (12 in all) on Tuesday night.  I made it as a special request for our dear friend, Lisa, who is relocating and leaving the group this month.  The evening’s theme was “That’s Amore” and, after reading little a’s original post, this was the dessert Lisa was most looking forward to.  Anything for you, Lisa.

The evening went along smoothly…food, fun, laughter…and then time for dessert.  Most ladies asked for a “small slice please”, but not Lisa.  “I’ll take a BIG piece”, she says, and I smile (but not for long).  The slightly uncomfortable lull, as everyone is munching, raises suspicion and prompts me to take a taste for myself.

FORGOT THE SUGAR???  How can that be?  Have I become my mother?  3 lbs. of ricotta down the tubes.  My gracious guests made some recommendations, which included sprinkling sugar on top or serving it with berries, but I knew its fate.  You’re outta here cheesecake.

I like to give the Bunco gals a “little something” when they leave, and this is what I had prepared:

a small assortment of homemade biscotti which, hopefully, redeemed me and contained all necessary ingredients!

To Lisa:  I will present you with a Ricotta Cheesecake before you leave. (I’m just waiting for another sale on ricotta)

To Carol:  I hope you enjoyed this post.

To all my Bunco buddies:  If there is anything wrong with the biscotti, please do not tell me about it.  After the cheesecake fiasco, I’m a failure away from plunging a dagger into my chest*.


* only kidding 😉

0 thoughts on “(My Bad) Ricotta Cheesecake

  1. Carol says:

    Oh, Ann. I loved your post! So sorry about the cheesecake, but I can vouch for the outstanding quality of your biscotti!

  2. Teresa says:

    I feel your pain (don’t ask). Have we reached the stage where mise en place is not just a fancy term but a requirement?

    • Ann says:

      I’m going to resist the urge to collect prep bowls and chalk my failure up to too many interruptions! If better concentration doesn’t work, I’m heading to HomeGoods.

  3. Carol says:

    Now all of us “semi” bakers out there can see that yes, it’s OK to screw up once in a while! If someone of your caliber can forget an ingredient (hey, we’ve ALL done it at one time or another) then somehow we feel a little better about ourselves. (Just a wee bit, a teenie, weenie bit). And by the way, if it had the sugar, it would have been over the top! 😉 PS: Loved the biscotti!!

    • Ann says:

      I’ve tasted your baked goods and you are way beyond “semi”…but I’m so glad that my forgetfulness helped you feel a wee bit better (even though I wanted to shoot myself 😉

  4. Lisa Keys says:

    First of all, we were all stuffed like Porky the Pig after dining on your most delicious dinner of chicken parm, meatballs (the most scrumptious ever), pasta, salad……so truth be told who really had room for dessert? And after all it was the sentiment behind the whole evening (amore) that was most important. I love you!

    • Ann says:

      If anyone “googled” Lisa Keys and saw the numerous awards that have been bestowed upon you for excellence in cooking and baking, they would truly feel my pain. Thanks for the compliments and for being such a good sport!

      I still owe you that cheesecake! Love and miss you 😉

  5. Lisa says:

    LOL That is hillarious, Josephine!!! 🙂 One bad move out of thousands isn’t so bad. XOXO

    • Ann says:

      Josephine is the Queen of Substitution. As her daughter, I am now the Princess of Omission.

      It wouldn’t have been as bad if I hadn’t served it as the main dessert to 12 people!!! Life goes on…