Blueberry Jammin’

Last Friday was “Blueberry Picking Day”,

and I left the farm with 7.5 lbs. of lucious, ripe, fragrant blueberries:

7.5 lbs. sure adds up quickly!   I was strolling around…picking…chatting with my friend, Carol…picking…and, before long, I’m lugging a huge pail of berries.

I did have a plan, though.  This year, I would make blueberry jam:

Mmmm.  I had made strawberry jam a looong time ago but, since I’d never made blueberry, I couldn’t wait to get started.  I bought the Ball quilted jelly jars at K-Mart, and this website has the recipe and complete instructions, along with great tutorial photos.  9 cups of fresh blueberries yielded 10 8-oz. jars of delicious blueberry jam!

I think a little jar of jam with some special breads or crackers, and a jelly spreader, would make a great hostess gift for the (uh) holidays which, by the way, are only 5 months away.  (no pressure)


About the labels:  These are not the labels that are prepackaged with the jars.  They are part of the Martha Stewart Home Office Collection at Staples.  (she is SO into EVERYthing! ;-)

9 thoughts on “Blueberry Jammin’

    • SO very nice to hear from you, Christine, and thanks for the compliment! Hope all is well with you…missing your craft edition, but enjoying “life”!

  1. Well, MY blueberries are sitting in the freezer in zip-lock bags…(thanks for the tip on how to do that). But, this morning you have inspired me. I believe I will make a delicious lemon blueberry bread. The jam might be out of my league but perhaps I will try this weekend. I’ll let you know how it all shakes out. I’m glad you convinced me to go picking! :)

    • Your lemon blueberry bread is the BEST, Carol! (I’ve even shared the recipe with my readers ;-)

      Jam is so not out of your league…when you’re ready, we’ll do it together. Thanks for the fun morning!!

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