Baby Bib Sugar Cookies

One of my lovely nieces is expecting a baby in December, and her mom asked me to bake a special cookie that we could present to the shower guests as a little thank you.  After looking at (and buying) too many adorable cookie cutters, the bib was the winner.  I liked the size, shape and the simplicity.

I’m happy with the outcome but, honestly, I’m still trying to perfect the decorating.  SweetSugarbelle remains my inspiration.  Her glorious cookies are gorgeous, creative works of art.  I use her sugar cookie recipe exclusively, as it is easy to work with, soft and delicious.  Her recipe for royal icing whipped up beautifully, and her Swirl Rose tutorial helped me create the roses on the bibs.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, these cookies take practice.  LOTS.  And lots.  And lots of practice.  (at least for me!)

The good news:  here are the finished favors:

The not-so-good news:  The baby shower is this Sunday, on Long Island, where hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc with downed power lines and extensive flooding.

Here’s hoping that it will go as planned*, the sun will shine, and there will be showers of happiness for all!


*if it does not go as planned, I’ll be hosting a cookie-tasting at my house.

11/5/12 UPDATE:  The lights were turned on, the sun was shining, and the shower was a success.   A GREAT time was had by all.

2 thoughts on “Baby Bib Sugar Cookies

  1. Thanks, Heidi. As of this Halloween evening, the restaurant is still without power. Fingers are crossed…I’ll let you know!

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