Snowflake-Stamped Shortbread Cookies


In honor of the 6″ of snow that fell yesterday, I baked a batch of snowflake-stamped shortbread cookies.  How thrilling it was to see this much snow in the first week of November…and oh SO soon after Hurricane Sandy.  Joy.

I purchased this Rycraft cookie stamp quite a while ago and became totally discouraged when the imprint melted into the cookie, leaving me with a pancake-looking mess and the feeling that I’d completely wasted my time.  When I recently rediscovered the stamp, I decided to pay a visit to the Rycraft website and found a corrected version of the original recipe, along with dozens of others.  (Okay.  I’ll give it one more go!)

This recipe is called “Recipe #2 – Shortbread” and it’s made with powdered sugar.  In addition to the directions, I rolled the balls in granulated sugar before stamping* them…they looked SO pretty…and then I said a short prayer to the cookie Gods that they would look just as pretty after baking in the oven for 12 minutes.

Not bad, huh?  And they really taste delicious!  Crispy, light and buttery.

Yes.  They were plenty pretty when I removed them from the oven but, since my mantra is “more-is-more”, I grabbed that bitty container of disco dust and made those snowflakes dazzle.

It’s just what I do.


*To ensure that the stamp did not stick to the cookie, I sprayed the stamp with PAM after every second stamp impression.  It worked ;-)

9 thoughts on “Snowflake-Stamped Shortbread Cookies

  1. Oooh! Inspiration! We’re supposed to get snow tonight. I pulled out yarn for yet another Christmas stocking but I’m thinking I’ll need a few cookies to munch to keep my strength up…

    • Soften the butter and start stamping! I really think you should give this recipe a try. It was easy to work with and totally delicious! Time for a yarn break ;-)

    • It’s an older stamp, but if you check out the Rycraft website, they have one called Ice Crystal (#212) which is nearly identical to mine. Have fun, and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Oh and you do it soooooo very well! I miss you but I received a special treat this morning of a delicious molasses cookie! Thank you for thinking of me! I hope my student gave you the HUGE hug I told her to give you on that early dismissal day!

    • So glad you enjoyed the cookie! I’ll be posting those soon. And, yes, I received a warm and loving hug on your behalf (felt so good!!). I know mornings are tough, but would LOVE to see you! Come by soon ;-)

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