Annual Thanksgiving Craft III: Honeycomb Ornaments

In keeping with our cherished family tradition, after a dinner of turkey and yummy trimmings, we gathered ’round the table for our annual holiday craft.  This year, I planned an easy version of the popular, old-fashioned, honeycomb paper ornaments.  With pre-cut 4″ squares of holiday scrapbook paper in hand, each person began the process of tracing, cutting and folding 18 pieces:

My inspiration came from a blog called House Revivals where, instead of scrapbook paper, she used the pages of old books to create her ornaments.  So pretty!  I followed her tutorial, but kept the shape relatively simple.  I traced an oval, cut it in half, and had my family use that as a template.  Instead of 24 pieces, I opted for 18 and, in the interest of speeding up the process, I gave everyone a glue stick to assemble their stack, which seemed to work out just fine.

In order to get the honeycomb effect, you glue the top and bottom of the pages alternately (there are photos at the tutorial which demonstrate this).  Again, in an effort to speed things up, I had everyone use some double-sided tape to create the honeycomb.

I brought along some bells, ribbon and doo-dads, and here are just a few of the creations:

7-year old Daniel, our youngest crafter, was the first to complete the project, and he did such a great job!  (go Daniel, go Daniel)

You can really go crazy with these ornaments.  It’s easy to adjust the sizes and shapes, and they’re such fun to make.

Wishing you all a happy holiday kick-off!


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