IMG_5119My search for a very special wedding shower gift led me to this terrific website called sew4home.  If you enjoy sewing, you’ll delight in all in the inspiring projects and informative tutorials there.  This idea for decorator sheets was found under the tab “bed linens”.  The complete instructions accompanied a supplies list and, since I loved their chosen fabric, I went straight to the recommended website and ordered the Kaufman seersucker fabric and jumbo ric-rac.  Though I loved the featured blue, I chose black-and-white for our bride-to-be, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Since I always love a good theme (and who doesn’t??), I purchased a set of simple white towels and embellished the hems with the leftover fabric*:

IMG_5128The finished decorative border measures approx. 1″:

IMG_5126A sewing machine and good, basic skills are all that you’ll need to create a custom look of your own.

To complete the theme, I purchased a bottle of Lavendar Vanilla Pillow Mist from Bath & Body Works…part of their “Sleep” collection.  Wishing sweet dreams and a lifetime of happiness to the bride and groom.


6 thoughts on “Custom Decorator Sheets and Towels

  1. Annie DiDonato says:

    Just amazing, Annie…my guess is that these are for Julia….So wish we all could attend the wedding..they look blissfully happy! The kids are driving to Fla for a few days…all except Amanda, she is being the great sister and babysitting Al & Lisa’s 3 dogs..Thank God she has a wonderful roommate, who has become part of the family…So much to share with you…let’s catch up soon!! Have a great trip to the wedding and please give our love to all!!

    • Ann says:

      Sorry to hear that you won’t be in Denver this weekend ;( I’ll give you a call one evening soon for that catch-up session. Hugs to you and Uncle John!

  2. rostrander says:

    This may be my favorite creation on this blog so far! They are elegant and beautiful. The craftsmanship is beyond compare. Such a meaningful gift!

    • Ann says:

      You’re too sweet, Rits! She was sincerely appreciative…even called me after the shower to express her gratitude. I’m glad it was a hit!

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