I am SO excited to share these cookies with you because I tried a new technique and I was totally thrilled with the results!!

My goal has always been to perfect the piping, coloring and flooding of royal icing onto sugar cookies.  With each new attempt, I felt I was one step closer to getting it just right.  I love the taste, texture and look of royal icing, and I have improved my technique, but I have not made great strides in minimizing the time it takes and the colossal mess that I tend to make.

Enter…Satin Ice Rolled Fondant.  I admit, I was a little leery at first.  Anytime there was fondant on a cake, I’d try a tiny taste and proceed to peel it off and push it aside…waaay too sweet and tasteless.  Not so with Satin Ice.  This fondant is soft and has a mild vanilla-marshmallow flavor.  The owner of my local baking supply shop assured me that it was delicious, and she lent me her small, textured acrylic rolling pin that produces the beautiful pattern design.  I wish she had one available for sale…I would have bought it in a heartbeat.  Since she wasn’t sure when her rolling pin supply would be replenished, I did a search and found them here.  There are many designs to choose from (I ordered two), but I couldn’t locate the pattern I used on these dress cookies (bummer).


So, here’s a guide for creating this look:

1)  Bake cookies using your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  Mine is here.

2)  Roll the fondant with a smooth rolling pin, and then use the acrylic, textured pin to create the design.  Note:  the Aftosa website has a brief tutorial on how to do this.

3)  Using the same cookie cutter, cut the textured fondant.

4)  Brush cooled cookie with a very thin layer of  light corn syrup.

5)  Place cut-out fondant on top.

I sprayed each cookie with Wilton Pearl Color Mist and, while they were still wet, I shimmered them with rainbow disco dust.

I’m still committed to royal icing, but fondant cookies now have my full attention.

On another note…

It was time to make the ring bearer pillow for my friend’s youngest daughter, who will be marrying in June.  In short, my friend, Beth, asked me to fashion a ring bearer pillow from silk fabric that she cut from her mother’s wedding dress.  (I still gasp a little when I say that 😉  I had done this before for her two older daughters, and one niece, but this time Beth cut into her own wedding dress for some trim and appliques.

IMG_5164She had the names and date professionally embroidered, and I did the rest.  The finished pillow measures approx. 8″ square.

That’s all the wedding stuff I have to share, for now.  I’m heading to Colorado at the end of the week to attend my nephew’s wedding, and the anticipation is overwhelming.  I’ve never been out west, and I hear Denver is wonderful.  I’ll be knitting on the plane ride (with circulars, of course), taking tons of photos,  and I’m hoping to have lots to share when I return.


10 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Cookies / Ring Bearer Pillow

  1. Teresa says:

    Wow! Well, it’s official: you don’t have to be nearby to inspire me to press “send” for Satin Ice Rolled Fondant for the not-yet-but-soon-to-be iced Easter cookies. And speaking of near, how about heading an extra thousand miles west to help me out with the decorating?

    • Ann says:

      I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good the fondant tastes, and how easy it is to work with. And…you KNOW you need no help 😉

  2. Little Nancy says:

    These cookies are absolutely beautiful!!!!…My friend Jen would like to place an order, she wants them on the table @her brothers wedding in July (:

  3. Lisa Keys says:

    sure could have used one of those rolling pins–I ended up using the bottom of my waterford crystal glass to emboss my fondant wedding hearts

    • Ann says:

      Very creative, Ms. Lisa!! I wonder if one Waterford crystal glass would have been less expensive than the two acrylic rolling pins I now have in my possession 😉

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