Raise your hand if you remember the ages-old urban legend about the woman who, while dining at the Nieman Marcus Cafe, asked to purchase the recipe for the cookies she was enjoying for dessert.  (ME!!!)  I have to admit that, not having been a Nieman Marcus shopper, then or now, I honestly believed it, along with the story of her revenge in sharing the recipe so that no one would ever have to purchase it again.  (C’mon…it was a good story).

Well, however this recipe came into being, it is one hearty and delicious cookie!


It is a mixture of flour and rolled oats, and oozes with chocolate morsels, nuts* and an 8 oz. Hershey bar.  You’ll find the original recipe and “the story” here, but I made a few small changes:

1) I used 1 cup of butter and 1 cup Crisco (instead of 2 cups butter).

2) I used a food processor, instead of a blender, for the oatmeal…and I pulsed it until it was still a little coarse; not a fine powder.

3) “Lazy” got the best of me when I was trying to grate the Hershey bar.  Instead, I threw it into the food processor and it looked more like fine peas.  (quicker, and no big deal)

4)  I scooped them onto an UNgreased cookie tray with a 2″ cookie scooper, which yielded 66 super-sized cookies.

My heartfelt thanks to that famously vindictive woman who made this expensive recipe available to each and every one of us for free…even if she was fictitious.


*I chose walnuts

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