IMG_8774As the snow was falling from the sky yesterday, these gingerbread snowflakes were adorning my kitchen table.  I sat there for hours, my pastry bag filled with royal icing, having too much fun decorating each and every one.  I had baked the cookies a couple of weeks ago, and stored them (undecorated) in the freezer.  The recipe I used can be found here,  This is a crispy and spicy cookie with delicious gingerbread taste.  The dough comes together quickly, and it rolls easily…maintains its shape, too!

I did not use the accompanying royal icing recipe.  CK Royal icing mix has become a favorite of mine…you just add water, whip and go.  I used a PME 1.5 icing tip, and it was just the perfect size.  I resisted buying any PME tip, especially the 1.5, because I thought, c’mon…is there really a difference between 1.5 and 2?  And the PME tips are higher priced, for sure.  Well…after working with my 1.5 yesterday, I’m here to say that there really is a big difference.  My size 2 tip made the lines a bit too thick and the icing just seemed to flow effortlessly through the PME.

So, Santa, hear my plea.  Those PME tips come in 1,000 sizes (ok…maybe not).  Just a handful for my stocking is all I ask.

Thanking you in advance,


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