IMG_9114I had originally intended to kick-off the new year with a great-tasting, low-fat recipe for who knows what.  Like countless others, I turn the calendar to January, and I make resolutions about exercise and weight loss that last about a heartbeat.  This year (predictably) is no different.  Instead of Weight Watchers and a gym membership, all I can think about is the brownie crunch that my friend, Teresa, has been talking about for the last few weeks.

So, here it is.  Not sure why I was a little doubtful of it at first, but I went ahead a mixed up a quick batch anyway.  Big mistake.  It is thin and crispy, almost like potato chips, and…like potato chips…you really can’t eat just one.  The recipe I tried calls for M&Ms.  I didn’t have any M&M’s in the house, and it looked so blah with just the mini chips:

IMG_8997so I bedazzled it with some soft, multi-colored sprinkles:

IMG_9000much better.

After I baked it for the recommended time, the inner pieces were still a bit wet and flimsy.  I lowered the oven temp to 250 degrees, returned these not-so-crisp pieces to the oven, and baked for about 30 more minutes…checking regularly to make sure they did not burn.  The extra bake time worked perfectly and did not affect the overall taste of this delicious brittle.  I guess the way to avoid the situation is to spread the brownie batter very very thinly over the parchment paper.

My apologies for not starting the new year off with a diet-friendly, guilt-free treat, and, if you can eat this in moderation, more power to you.  I plan on sharing it and eating it (yes) quickly so that it’s gone and I won’t have to think about it.

Wishes for a new year filled with extreme happiness –


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