Holidays are a perfect time to engage kids with fun crafts.  These little turkeys have become a yearly tradition for my daycare children, and they just love making them and munching on the supplies :o)  You’ll need:  1 apple, mini-marshmallows, craisins, candy corn, some toothpicks, and your rendition of a turkey profile (cut out of a paper plate or any sturdy paper).  Directions: have the kids skewer the marshmallows and craisins onto a toothpick, and color the turkey profile.  Top each toothpick with a candy corn and insert along the top ridge of the apple for the feathers.  Slice a thin cut into the front of the apple, and slip the turkey into the slot.  That’s it!

We also made turkey placemats.  I traced the child’s hand, cut out the handprint, and glued it onto a sheet of construction paper.  We added a few details and I used clear Contact paper to laminate it for Thanksgiving dinner!

I used my new Cricut for the names.  What a great little machine!!  So many fonts, images and endless possibilities.  The cartridges are pricey, though.  This is one obsession that could spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e.  Help!

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all!


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