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The “Party Perfect” Cookie Tray – Chocolate Almond Macaroons

No doubt about it.  Of all the treats I love to bake, cookies are my #1 favorite!  So, when I volunteer to bring along a tray of cookies, I think about whether I’ll bake the tried-and-true standards (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, giant ginger cookies, white chip macadamia, etc.), or the pretty little butter cookies that […]

Frosted Pumpkin Cookies

The nip of fall in the air today brought to mind these delectable cookies!  A quick scan of the pantry to check for some canned pumpkin (yep!) and, before long…… These cookies are soft, fluffy and cake-like, with a mild “pumpkin pie” flavor. FROSTED PUMPKIN COOKIES 1 cup sugar 1 egg (room temp.) 2 cups […]

Special Day Cupcakes

A very special sister-in-law had a milestone birthday, and her dear and thoughtful children threw her a surprise celebration.  I offered to help with dessert, and here was their request: Betty Crocker white and chocolate fudge cake mixes yielded 36 cupcakes.  I followed the back-of-the-box instructions and watched them very carefully while baking to ensure […]

Esther’s Mandelbrot

I’m fully aware that it was a little too hot outside today to crank up the oven, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to make some delicious mandelbrot.  The literal translation of mandelbrot is “almond bread”.  It is similar to biscotti in that it is twice-baked, but it is made using oil instead of butter. […]

You say it’s your birthday…

When my niece celebrated a milestone birthday, I happily volunteered to bake the cake!  I wanted it to be as truly special as she is, so I decided to give rolled fondant a try.  Fondant-coated cakes are always so impressive!  I was seriously nervous about attempting this for the first time, but I found a […]

Scooby Dooby Doo…a kid’s party!

It’s that time of year when daycare closes for the summer and we party with a year-end celebration!  This year’s theme was Scooby Doo, one of the kids’ all-time favorite cartoon characters.  I was a bit surprised that the cowardly dog, who would rather have a snack than solve a mystery, would remain so wildly […]

Corey’s Pecan Pie

Our happy houseguest, Corey, turned 22 the other day!  Of course I would bake him his favorite cake, but Corey had a different idea.  What’s his favorite cake??  Uh…uh…uh….Do you like cake??…uh…uh…uh….. Okay, then.  After a brief, but productive, interrogation, Corey confessed that pecan pie is one of his two all-time favorite desserts (the other […]

Pink Daisy Cake

I am fortunate to belong to the “Bayberry Babes”, a small group of lovely ladies who take time to care, share and celebrate each other’s birthday with dinner at a favorite restaurant, a little wine, and lots of laughs!  We’re meeting tomorrow night, and it’s my turn to bake the cake. This was my very […]

(not quite) Starbucks Lemon Pound Cake

Big mistake.  I’m really a Dunkin’ Donuts kinda girl, but I stopped at Starbucks to try one of their “skinny” coffees (as if I really believe that).  Without any warning, the words “I’ll take a slice of  lemon pound cake” just flew out of my mouth.  Nothing “skinny” about that.  It was ever so moist, […]

Valentine’s Cookies – Lovin’ from the Oven

I thought that Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to say “thanks” to those special people who, without always knowing it, make some days a little brighter through their caring and kindness.  I’m thinking about the school bus driver who patiently waits for my daycare kindergartener as he makes an urgent trip to the […]