Earth Day – reusable napkins

I was rifling through my enormous stash of cotton fabrics recently and I wondered, “what am I going to do with all this” and “how did this stash get so big”?  (okay…you know as well as I do how it got that big.)  But, now what? As there were many colors, prints and coordinates to […]

New York: Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of [Fabric! And trimmings!]

Jay-Z’s anthem isn’t the only thing getting me pumped about my beloved Metropolis lately. Last week, I had the pleasure of spending the day on a quest for fabric and fiber with one old friend and one new friend who came to NYC from Boston for a few days of research and shopping. Since the […]

“Mustache Pins are THE Stocking Stuffer of the Year”

I had tons of fun at the booth Kait and I shared at Artists & Fleas yesterday! When the lights stayed on, our display and our stuff looked pretty great. When they went out… well, we were in the back corner, so you couldn’t see anything… Kait’s Dad took some pro pics, but here are […]

Artists and Fleas Preview

The underpants gnomes have it right. Phase one: collect underpants. Phase three: profit. They never say it, but I’m pretty sure Phase 2 involves a lot of trial and error and wasted denim. Phase 2 also involves lots of sub-phases. And as I move from the design sub-phase to the production sub-phase, I’m sharing a […]

Not Sew Good

This was the cutest pattern I’d seen in a long time.  And, lucky me, it was the last one in the file cabinet at JoAnn’s!  I love it when that happens…it makes me feel like I am really on to something, and “too bad, so sad” for the next person looking for that pattern.  (A […]

It’s all about the fabric…

I have a lot of fabric. I’m not really sure where it all came from, but it’s clear that the quilter’s proverb “she who dies with the biggest stash wins” is one I take seriously. I might just be out to set the world record and become the Michael Phelps of fabric collecting. I collect […]

She needs wide open spaces

My niece, Diane. has had a true love for horses since the age of 5, when she enjoyed her first pony ride.   Throughout the years, she has taken endless riding lessons, mucked many stalls, and done just about anything she could to remain close and helpful to these beautiful animals. One year, for Christmas, I […]

Butterfly Release

Several years ago, I watched Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson on HGTV and fell in love with a butterfly quilt designed by Beverly Dunivent.  As I am a huge fan of 30’s prints, I had a great selection in my stash (still do), and all I needed to get started was some background fabric.  I […]

Sweet Charity

There are people out there that think there is absolutely no money in crafting. Ha! Laughable! Look at this — I made a picnic blanket, and I donated it to my friend’s ‘new music’ ensemble to auction off at a fundraiser they had, and I get to write it off on my taxes this year […]